“Passing by” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I caught in my eyes men riding on a camel passing by

Deciphering myself to aim on a street to get by

I was scared but of being brave I’ve tried

Chasing on them across their path

I felt time of running

To elude myself from the mysterious dust coming

I know they were near

Because of the brisk movement

Of each camel’s feet I’d hear

I’ve became aware of my awareness

Primary emotion seemed to be a surprise

It made me more frightened

Witnessing the hard riding racing men passing by

Encapsulated on my innocent mind a message said

From the indomitable racing men a purpose set

Preparing oneself from any test in life that might come our way

Get consumed by it, keep plugging away

Photo courtesy of Photographer Donell Gumiran
Facebook http://facebook.com/donell.gumiran
My 3rd poem for my column “POEM of VIEW”published by KABAYAN weekly newspaper UAE (August 30-Sept. 06,’12)

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