“God’s endless grace”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Lately I’ve been in a place

A place that took me far

Where the color of the sky reflected  the sea

That day Ive decided to leave my car

I  took  a long walk passing by

around the thick  trees

Ive seen the sands seem like an  endless sea

I felt the warm as Ive sat against

It made me calm to  it’s  silent reign

I am in a place where

my imagination runs free

Appreciating God’s love

As the same as He created me

A freedom to be anywhere

To  feel  the essence of nature’s care

Looking around at the water sea

Ive found my shadow following me

Discovering its’ my  own reflection

That  made me choose of who I am to be

Gazing on  the sky as the sunset comes

Brought me more faith and hope

As Ive seen  it for so many times

Means that my sun will come tomorrow

That place captivates my eye

As I strolled along without any regrets

For it made me realize how fortunate I am

To receive God’s endless  grace



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