“Welcome 2013” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Reminisce an enormous  blessings we received before the year will pass
May every tide filled with hope and each ones stand on it and grow
Welcome 2013 owing treatment with joyously glistening sunlight
Blessed by Heavenly father to mend our souls

For the past 2012 sadly grieve
Just store it in the battle of remembrance
Thank God for everything we received
Comfort your heart with deep assurance
To unlearn your mind with acts of vain
Weigh all things right as in themselves they are
Breast all resolution reign

Keep reaching those passions  beyond compare
Bravely face the triumphs to oppose the fate for God is always there
May this year 2013 happier prove with delight
To everyone and grant each feeble heart with a world so bright

Photograph by photographer Mark Tomboc

“Live Each Day as if it were Thy Last” by Eureka C.Bianzon

We never knew until when or how long it’ll be

What are the last few things you’ll able to see

The last place where you can stay

The last face your can stare

The last song you can sing

The last number you can ring


With whom you can spend your last time

With whom will it be your last dance

Give a hi, show a smile

Give a hug, show thy love


Forgive thyself, forgive thy enemy

Enjoy life forget thy misery

Life is too short to be wasted

Give love to it as it was created


Forget thy burdens brought by the past

Dig some lessons put away the trash

Live each day as if it were thy last





“Isle of Ineffable Life” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Vanished ages recalling

The charm, the radiance of noonday time

In a solemn place where birds singing

Slowly reminiscing the past yet fruitful time


Visions filled with tears like rain

From happiness bestowed by God to them

The blaze of sunshine brought joy for every pain

Gives more hope, and reasons to smile again


For every morning light

There’s always an evening guest

For every fighter who are always willing to fight

There will come a time they’ll pace to rest


No  Sages, Philosophers nor King won’t depart

A treasure which will remain a dignified yet humbled heart

Even a rose fades slowly from its shining state

Nothing is permanent nor each shall not abjure each faith


The Velvet tender Isle of Ineffable life

Lies the freedom to crown ones will

Good deeds from God’s divine

Is the only permanent thing we shall engrave from within

Photograph by photographer Emil Latumbo
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
Issue no.38,column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 24-30,2013

“Kaysarap Mabuhay Kung Ating Hahagkan”by Eureka C. Bianzon

Ang buhay ay sadyang napakasaya

Perlas na hiyas na handog ng may Dakila

Tanawing payapa nakahahalinang pagmasdan

O kay sarap mabuhay kung ating hahagkan.


Simo’y ng hangin malamig sa pisngi

Buwang kayrikit binabantayan buong gabi

Pagsikat ng araw sa umagang kayganda

Dala sa buhay ay galak at panibagong pag asa


Buhos ng ulan sadyang tumitila

Tulad sa buhay sugat ay humuhupa

Bawat sulirani’y may kapalit na lunas

Patuloy  lang lumaban at harapin ang bukas


Larawang iginuhit ng Tadhana

Punong puno ng kahulugan

Makulay na tema tunay na makabuluhan

Sadyang kaysarap mabuhay kung ating hahagkan

photograph by photographer Aldrin Francisco

”Christmas Eve Away From Home” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Joyous day clamor from bells ringing around

Sweet voices singing Christmas carol

Across the streets down town


Children were happy upon receiving gifts

Some make wishes through a silent prayer

Some greets everyone they meet

Family celebrates their happy moments together


Under the moonlight dreary

I got the chance to witness the Merry Christmas eve

I just woke up sighing with my eyes teary

Knowing that It was just only a dream


It is hard to be in overseas

Missing wonderful season away from home

I’m one of those who wishes to be with family each year

Whose longing to celebrate the Merry Christmas eve for so long


“MUSIC” by Eureka C. Bianzon

When I play my music

It takes me to somewhere else

A place where I can bear all the pain

A place where I can be me

I thank God for He created music

It tells me not to rely with someone else

It is where happiness earnestly I seek

Serenity which I could find within myself

Music is my fascination

It defines my life with harmony

Music is my inspiration

It opens my eyes to a new me

Music drives out darkness

It illuminates my mind

It soothes my loneliness

It heals my heart most of the time

Photograph by photographer Franco Andrade Naron

“Lumipas man ang panahon” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Samahan nawa’y hindi magbago

Ang pagdamay sa bawat isa’y hindi maglaho

nakakatuwang isipin na ang bawat isay masaya

Hindi matutumbasan ang ligayang nadarama

Lumipas man ang panahon

Tayo at tayo parin

Walang magbabago

Saan man palarin

Salamat sa mga alala

Mga kulitan sa eskwela na kaysaya

Nawa’y ganun parin sa bawat isa

Lumipas man ang panahon

Pananaw ay hindi mag iiba