“Walk of Life” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Walk of life plays between right and wrong
Challenging the human from being weak then strong
Need of being in peace from being disturbed
it is the essence of life we shall absorb

We gained the knowledge from being ignorant
Cured from being sick and sore
the chance to paced ourselves from being pant
resting ourselves for an energy to be restored

We attained happiness from being sad
we are being fed from being starved
A wider walk of life we shall admire
we gained rest to ease our hearts from being tired

Attaining a dream we never dreamed
Witnessing the morning light from yesterday’s dawn
reaching a place such sweet and serene
where we can sing such beautiful songs

Faith from above refuge us for
happiness ought to find
we are blessed with fate such one of a kind
we shall be thankful of its wonderful content
 walk of beautiful life we shall live and spend


photograph by photographer Arjan Bolaños
my poem published by http://www.kabayanweekly.com UAE newpaper
issue Feb.14 – 20 2013

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“Ika’y Wala Na” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Hindi tiyak kung makakaya ko

Ang bawat araw na ako’y gigising

Na hindi ikaw ang kayakap ko

Sa araw ng ika’y nawala

Hindi na natila ang aking mata

Sa patuloy nitong pagluha

Masakit isipin na ika’y wala na

Hindi na makakausap

Hindi na masisilayan pa

Nawa’y manatili sa iyong ala ala

Bawat sandali sa ating buhay

Na tayong dalawa’y magkasama

Masasayang araw natin noon

Kulitang walang humpay

Umaga hanggat dapit hapon

Kaysarap isipin mga ala ala mo

Iyong tinig aking naririnig

Pawang ika’y kasama ko

Masakit, kayhirap ng nadarama

Nawa’y aking makaya

Ang sakit ngayong ika’y wala na

“PAGSULONG” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Bawat tao’y dumaraan sa bawat pagsubok
Bagay na hindi inaasahan bigla na lamang dumarating
Ganun pa man huwag manatili sa isang sulok
Patuloy lang ang pagsulong sa bawat landas na tatahakin

Bawat nilalang ay nakararanas ng problema
Bawat sitwasyon ay sadyang may surpresa
Mga hindi inaasahang sulirani’y dumarating
Kumapit lamang sa Maykapal upang ito’y pawiin

Patuloy lang bumangon,huwag malugmok
Walang mangyayari kung ika’y magmumukmok
Ika’y may kaagapay sa muli mong pag angat
Diyos na Makapangyarihan nangunguna sa lahat

Harapin ang bukas ng buong sigasig
Pananampalataya’y panatilihin ng walang ligalig
Ingatan ang buhay at biswal nitong kahulugan
Manatili sa pagsulong ng walang alinlangan

“Pilipino Mabuhay Ka!” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Pilipino saan mang kaligiran
May angking galing sa bawat larangan
Hindi pahuhuli sa lahat ng aspeto
Mapa Sining,Musika, o Palaro man ito

Pilipino sa angking kabutihan hindi pahuhuli
Paggalang sa kapwa’y hindi ikinukubli
Disiplina ay sadyang ipinamamalas
Sa bawat laban handang lumaban ng patas

Pilipino saan mang sulok ng mundo
Ay angkin ang kakaibang talino
Dahilan ng pagsulong ng kabihasnan
Dulot ay kaunlaran ng bawat kabuhayan

Pilipino mabuhay ka
Ipagmalaki ang lahing meron ka
Sa karununga’t disiplina ay hindi salat
Pilipino mabuhay ka,bayani ng lahat

“An Artist Beyond Compare” by Eureka C. Bianzon

In all work of art
There’s an artist behind of it
Whose sharing a creative heart
Who kept on striving to please the pit

An artist who unleashed
Deep emotions beneath his heart
An artist who showed in every scene
The power he could ever impart

Yet behind those hours he spent
To please the public here and there
An artist who strived hard and learned
Things we haven’t seen beneath the glare

An artist makes the world to be glad
Illuminates people’s sorrow at his best
Yet a thing we don’t understand
Behind those was a heart beneath unrest

An artist laughs behind each thunder
Sings even the skies are gray
Creates art while tears fall fleeter
Hiding it self’s moan along the way

An artist brings joy on hopeless fray
Gift from God to ease world’s despair
Who shows beauty in life and its precious day
An Artist is a sage creature beyond compare

Photo courtesy of photographer Jan Michael Vincent Castillo

“Happiness”by Eureka C. Bianzon

So glad being appreciated with my noblest intincts
I’m so blessed being cherished and Loved
I’ve imparted inspirations by the help of my ink
I gained recognition I didnt expect to have

I’ve met wondrous people,artists of any kind
They were glimmering as a star, and shining as the moon
That night I guess, I didn’t feel the time
A surprise just sparked like a silver spoon

Even an old grammar couldn’t explain my heart wants to express
That night when I walked in the middle with my purple gown
My gratitude to the people behind my happiness
A gift that was given to me was more than a golden crown

That night I’ve found the meaning of happiness
To impart oneself and be an inspiration
Be part and be glad of everyone’s success
And live a life with light heart and devotion

taken during the PAMAS awards UAE 2013, when I was being awarded as “Columnist of the Year”
Thank you so much readers for the great support!
I love you all~eureka

“I am so blessed”by Eureka C. Bianzon

A vacation that commemorate my life
Photo shoots under the friendly sunlight
Unending smiles from very good friends
I had fun, I enjoyed each moments

Splashed of waves over my feet
Illuminates my mind with each strong actions
Staring on the clear blue sky upon my seat
Was definitely a quite moment of relaxation

Soft winds drifted to my hair
As I ran freely along the ocean
I felt the solitude within myself
Grasping a handful of warm sands

I’ve found the happiness within me
I’m so blessed with many good people
I’m so blessed with caring family
I’m so blessed with beautiful nature


“I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Being with you night & day seems to be an

Important thing in my life

I would not ask for more than to be with you,

And be with here by my side


Your sweet caress gives light to my heart

Any moment when you look at me,

I see the omnipresent light

This dwells deep inside


I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I don’t want to wake up with this unfold creation

Of us being together, of us being as one

No other things I want to mention


In my dream everything is possible

I can be with you all the time

So flexible when we wanted to change things

In my mind you could always be mine



I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I want to share everything with you

I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I don’t want to lose you

 I don’t want to stay away from you


“POETRY, a HIDDEN TREASURE” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Poetry is a hidden treasure


This could be truly express from the heart


It’s a thing that couldn’t be measured


For sharing any memories would never stopped


Poetry is the chance to uncover the mystery mind


It’s the chance to across something special


That has been left behind


Poetry is a meaningful piece of knowledge


It’s a glimmering light to courage


A hidden treasure from the mystery heart


Wondrous wisdom we could ever impart


I want to hold your hands and walk a mile

For I don’t want to miss you, even your smile 

Please stay here beside me for a while

I really can’t imagine myself

Without you in my life


I’ve tried to find the words today

To tell what’s in my heart

I’m scared and poignant now

Until the day that we will be apart


Please hold me in your arms

While I’m still here to love you

I don’t want to miss any chance

Saying this thing,

For it’s the best thing

That I can do




“PANGARAP” Eureka C. Bianzon

Isang umagang nakadungaw sa bintana

Tanaw ay tanawing pagmasdan ay walang hangganan

Huni ng mga ibon saking harapan ay nakakahalina

Awit na sadyang napakasarap pakinggan


Ramdam ko ay gaan ng kalooban

Habang tinatarok ang tanawing maabot ng aking mga mata

Pangarap na minimithi’y napagmamasdan

Madami mang unos ang tatahakin nawa’y makaya


Aabutin ang tinatamasa

Kasama ang natatanging kalinga

Poong Maykapal saan man ako’y magpunta

Tiwala sa Kanya sa puso ko’y hindi mawawala


Mga pangarap na aking tinatanaw

Nawa’y dalhin ng mga ibon sa kanilang paglipad

Isang bagay sa puso’y mangingibabaw

Ay matamasa ang pangarap sa malinis na palad…