“Only God can judge me” by Eureka C. Bianzon


No one knows about the pain that I feel

No one knows that I’m just covering this with a smile

No one knows about me in real

I’m just keeping all those pain deep inside


No one has the right to judge  me

No one has the right to claim they know we well

No one has the right to sue me

Yet no one have seen me out of my crumbling shell


Have you been with my wound before my scars?

Have you ever been with my saddest life?

Have you experienced half of my life?

Only God can judge me, no one else

can tell lies about my life



“Keep Moving” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Keep moving, look forward

Think of the happiest things you have had

Move forward and go with might

Calm your fears and make your heart’s faith bright


Keep moving don’t look back

Be strong, be brave, and keep your head up

Don’t cry over when someone hurts your heart

Let your heart be healed, to face the brand new start


We grow stronger when defeated

Take it as a challenge when were frustrated

Deal life bitterest changes with God’s divine

Keep moving let Him heal the difficult times