A Brother,A Father,A Good Man to All by Eureka C. Bianzon


I’ve got a better friend from all

I’ve got a best friend

I’ve got a brother

A father, a good man to all


I remember those times each day that I wake

Words that I kept on telling you for your own sake

Even my advises as your youngest brother

You never refused to take


You filled my life with memories

Remembering you filled my eyes with tears

You’ve been my partner

You’ve been my shoulder

I’ve gained my strength from you

And you’ve gained your mine in me


It’s been a black shadow that existed

As I heard the news they said

No one knew how much the pain

Knowing that I wouldn’t have the chance

To glance on you and, to be with you again



Over the years you’ve battled with sickness

You never complained

Yet, you’ve tried your best

For your family you could able to sustain


In your condition I couldn’t do much

I’m sorry I wasn’t there

But brother I want you to know

That I really care


You’ll be my inspiration

As how you struggled in life

You really deserved my admiration

Brother you’re the strength of mine


I know that you’re with me

As always you had to do,

I’ll always make you proud

As what I used to do…



Brother, my best friend, my playmate

My partner, my strength

I know that you’re in the heaven now

Please keep on watching over me

Till we meet there again somehow….

528559_364709263579362_2091699321_n (2)

Poem that I’ve composed through the shared story of my friend,sad yet his story imparted  me the lesson ,”to give importance ,to show our  love to the people who are so dear to us,life is just borrowed from heaven,nothing or no one is permanent on this wonderful earth.

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