” I Miss You” by Eureka Bianzon

A great thought to fight about my longing

My feeble heart never stopped of finding

Ways to see you, to check on you

Even just on a photo frame of yours

On my bedside wall

All I can do is to hear your voice

From a distant call


I miss the way you make me laugh

The way you make me strong

When the world gets tough

I missed the way you sing a song

Even if your vocal line didn’t match


Oh I miss you,

The way you squeeze my hand

I miss you,

When I cried you wiped away my tears

With your hand



I miss you

Distance doesn’t change the way I feel

I love you,

My love for you is so real

Oh I miss you

Your smile was so sincere

Your photo reminds me when you were here



I miss you……


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