“Dad,you’re the best father in everything” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I remember those days when you were calling me baby

Those moments when we had long talks

Those times when I held your hand

I love you absolutely

I reminisce all the fun that we had


You’re the one who encouraged me to do anything

To draw, to play the piano, you’re my first fan when i sing

You’re the man who always tell that I’m beautiful

Just to make my day so wonderful


The things that you imparted me

Profoundly modified my life

You were always there next to me

You’re love is always at my sight


Being far away from you seems to

Be the hardest thing 

Your care is all that I’m seeking                   

Dad thank you for teaching me valuable things

You’re the best father in everything


This is what I want you to know

That someday we will be together

No matter how long it seems

You’re here in my heart

And always part of my dreams

Photograph by photographer Mark Tomboc

“Mahal kita ngunit mahal mo sya” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Mahal kita ngunit mahal mo sya

Kahit ako’y balewala lamang sa’yo

Pinipilit kong ika’y hindi mawala

Kahit na sya parin ang nilalaman ng puso mo


Mahal kita kahit mahal mo sya

Kahit na alam kong sya ngayo’y kapiling mo

Pinipilit kong kalimutan ang sakit na nadarama

Mahal kita,ika’y sadyang nagiisa sa puso ko


Mahal kita,ngunit ipauubaya ba kita?

Sapagkat alam kong ako ang tunay na nagmamahal sa’yo?

Kalilimutan ba kita upang ika’y maging masaya?

O mananatili at maghihintay na lamang pagbabalik mo?


“Life is opportunity” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Life is opportunity,

It builds us amity

To face each & every day

Different situation,

To deal with people

That will come our way

There is a purpose everywhere

Purpose driven life

To learn, to serve, to grow

The arduous task we may face

The finer way we can go

Find the gift from Above

Appreciate life

Even on its small things

Life is not just because of the fame

Or pearl we could take

But the opportunity of planting

Good deeds in everything

Photograph by photographer Mae Calimquim
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 10 – 16 ,2013

“TRAVELERS FAITH” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Tempestuous laden night

Locks the pilgrimage of morning breeze

Dark clouds basking the light

Travelers found hardships of places to reach

Staring on the calm sands

Troubled by huge unexpected waves

Dark sky frightened each traveler’s sons

Everyone were screaming to vanquish that terrible day

That night seemed a dreadful dream

That everyone wished to be gone on waking state

Praying hard was the only way to make the light stream

Asking the Heavenly Father to keep them safe

Some travelers sang with their sweet voices

Songs of worship to calm each feeble heart

Some travelers prayed to overcome darkness

Prayer of hope it would impart

That ambiguous night bygone with mirth

Darkness surround turned into a blissful day

Circumstances might appear on us travelers of this earth

Hence each traveler’s faith

Shall not be disturbed nor disarrayed

Photograph by photographer Nestor Verga Ragay III