“TRAVELERS FAITH” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Tempestuous laden night

Locks the pilgrimage of morning breeze

Dark clouds basking the light

Travelers found hardships of places to reach

Staring on the calm sands

Troubled by huge unexpected waves

Dark sky frightened each traveler’s sons

Everyone were screaming to vanquish that terrible day

That night seemed a dreadful dream

That everyone wished to be gone on waking state

Praying hard was the only way to make the light stream

Asking the Heavenly Father to keep them safe

Some travelers sang with their sweet voices

Songs of worship to calm each feeble heart

Some travelers prayed to overcome darkness

Prayer of hope it would impart

That ambiguous night bygone with mirth

Darkness surround turned into a blissful day

Circumstances might appear on us travelers of this earth

Hence each traveler’s faith

Shall not be disturbed nor disarrayed

Photograph by photographer Nestor Verga Ragay III

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