“I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Being with you night & day seems to be an

Important thing in my life

I would not ask for more than to be with you,

And be with here by my side


Your sweet caress gives light to my heart

Any moment when you look at me,

I see the omnipresent light

This dwells deep inside


I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I don’t want to wake up with this unfold creation

Of us being together, of us being as one

No other things I want to mention


In my dream everything is possible

I can be with you all the time

So flexible when we wanted to change things

In my mind you could always be mine



I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I want to share everything with you

I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream

I don’t want to lose you

 I don’t want to stay away from you


“POETRY, a HIDDEN TREASURE” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Poetry is a hidden treasure


This could be truly express from the heart


It’s a thing that couldn’t be measured


For sharing any memories would never stopped


Poetry is the chance to uncover the mystery mind


It’s the chance to across something special


That has been left behind


Poetry is a meaningful piece of knowledge


It’s a glimmering light to courage


A hidden treasure from the mystery heart


Wondrous wisdom we could ever impart


I want to hold your hands and walk a mile

For I don’t want to miss you, even your smile 

Please stay here beside me for a while

I really can’t imagine myself

Without you in my life


I’ve tried to find the words today

To tell what’s in my heart

I’m scared and poignant now

Until the day that we will be apart


Please hold me in your arms

While I’m still here to love you

I don’t want to miss any chance

Saying this thing,

For it’s the best thing

That I can do




“PANGARAP” Eureka C. Bianzon

Isang umagang nakadungaw sa bintana

Tanaw ay tanawing pagmasdan ay walang hangganan

Huni ng mga ibon saking harapan ay nakakahalina

Awit na sadyang napakasarap pakinggan


Ramdam ko ay gaan ng kalooban

Habang tinatarok ang tanawing maabot ng aking mga mata

Pangarap na minimithi’y napagmamasdan

Madami mang unos ang tatahakin nawa’y makaya


Aabutin ang tinatamasa

Kasama ang natatanging kalinga

Poong Maykapal saan man ako’y magpunta

Tiwala sa Kanya sa puso ko’y hindi mawawala


Mga pangarap na aking tinatanaw

Nawa’y dalhin ng mga ibon sa kanilang paglipad

Isang bagay sa puso’y mangingibabaw

Ay matamasa ang pangarap sa malinis na palad…