“Happiness”by Eureka C. Bianzon

So glad being appreciated with my noblest intincts
I’m so blessed being cherished and Loved
I’ve imparted inspirations by the help of my ink
I gained recognition I didnt expect to have

I’ve met wondrous people,artists of any kind
They were glimmering as a star, and shining as the moon
That night I guess, I didn’t feel the time
A surprise just sparked like a silver spoon

Even an old grammar couldn’t explain my heart wants to express
That night when I walked in the middle with my purple gown
My gratitude to the people behind my happiness
A gift that was given to me was more than a golden crown

That night I’ve found the meaning of happiness
To impart oneself and be an inspiration
Be part and be glad of everyone’s success
And live a life with light heart and devotion

taken during the PAMAS awards UAE 2013, when I was being awarded as “Columnist of the Year”
Thank you so much readers for the great support!
I love you all~eureka

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