“An Artist Beyond Compare” by Eureka C. Bianzon

In all work of art
There’s an artist behind of it
Whose sharing a creative heart
Who kept on striving to please the pit

An artist who unleashed
Deep emotions beneath his heart
An artist who showed in every scene
The power he could ever impart

Yet behind those hours he spent
To please the public here and there
An artist who strived hard and learned
Things we haven’t seen beneath the glare

An artist makes the world to be glad
Illuminates people’s sorrow at his best
Yet a thing we don’t understand
Behind those was a heart beneath unrest

An artist laughs behind each thunder
Sings even the skies are gray
Creates art while tears fall fleeter
Hiding it self’s moan along the way

An artist brings joy on hopeless fray
Gift from God to ease world’s despair
Who shows beauty in life and its precious day
An Artist is a sage creature beyond compare

Photo courtesy of photographer Jan Michael Vincent Castillo