“Paano pa” Eureka C. Bianzon

Hindi kumpleto ang buhay
Kapag ika’y wala
Gustong ikwento sayo mga bagay
Ngunit paano pa

Hinahanap iyong pakikinig
Kapag ako’y masaya
Kahit tuloy tuloy ang aking bibig
Hindi ka nagsasawa

Kapag akoy nalulungkot
Palaging nariyan ka
Sa tuwing ako’y nakasimangot
Ika’y nariyan nagpapatawa

Ngunit ngayon paano pa
Ako’y nangungulila sa iyong pagkawala
Luha’y sa mga mata’y biglang papatak
Matantong ika’y hindi ko na
Makakausap at muling makakasama
Paano pa….

“Happiness from good deeds” by Eureka C.Bianzon

THERE was a storekeeper I’ve seen outside the vicinity

Who threw his kindness to a ragged poor lady

He offered her foods to fill her stomach which was empty

His kindness was shown, his heart was pure absolutely

Many people were there

Who squandered upon that ragged lady a look

Some embarrassed her

Until she covered her face with a book

That day was meant for an ineffable creature

Who deserved a help from a kind heart

It made me cry when I witnessed that storekeeper’s nature

He was that ragged little boy I helped from the start

Some people may hold

A sheen heart more than a gold

Happiness from good deeds will never be sold

Memories we will treasure when we get old

He letted her rest from her misery

He helped her for she’s pale with woe

His good deeds meant so sweet to me

May the Lord bless his heart for lighting one’s soul

“God is always there” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Shuddering yesterday was gone
Stunning thoughts returned to me
I was that alone and longing for someone
Until Someone saved that day for me

That made me quit to survive from cold shadow
Lost my hope to overcome my wasted light
My heart was feeble to face the world tomorrow
Even facing the dim dreadful night

I shivered from the voice I heard
It was the sweetest melody somewhere
A spirit passed infront of me unveiled
Sending the message of God is always there

My tears fell as I kneeled down
I asked for forgiveness for I’ve been frightened
My soul was illuminated when I heard that sound
Message of God which brought light to me again

Now I’m climbing up every hill with faith
Untrudged with dark, rough ways
For I know that God is always there to keep me safe
With Him I won’t be poignant nor disarrayed

“Kabutihan ay Kagandahan”Eureka C. Bianzon

Ang kagandahan ay hindi nasusukat sa panlabas na kaanyuan
Matitingkad na alahas o magagarang kasuotan
Ito ay nakikita sa busilak na kalooban
Na ang inspirasyong naibibigay ay tagos sa puso’t isipan

Panlabas na kagandahan ay pansamantalang atraksyon
Na sadyang mawawala pagdating ng panahon
Panlabas na kaanyuan ay pansamantalang hiram
Mabuting kalooban sa sino man ito’y naiiwan

Estado ma’t kayamana’y nawawala,
Kagandahang asal kailan ma’y hindi humuhupa
Lahat ng bagay ay pansamantalang hiram
Ang mapabantog sa kabutihan
Ay mga ala alang tunay na naiiwan

“My dream” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I went to row under the dim moonlight
And gladder my heart which was in grief
I stayed on my boat the whole night
I laid there staring on the sad sky until I fall asleep

I dream t of wonderful things
Both of us were there
We were singing and laughing
Dancing under the moonlight glare

I was with my ever dearest
Whose face basking with light
I wished we went that farthest
In a longest journey that night

I woke up now sighing,
I’ve seen the sunrise again
I found the grief of losing
My dream,I really felt the pain

photograph by photographer Leonardo Jr.Menor

“My handsome cats”by Eureka C. Bianzon

Their sweetness,their charm emulate my mood
Their cuteness,their mystic acts ease my solitude
They are my giants with hairs of black and white
My handsome cats that everyone won’t resist to like

They play like children running here and there
They really need the presence of someone who truly cares
They ‘ll climb up on higher place,they’ll scratch all your  furniture
It is normal,don’t be mad it is just cats nature

Don’t lose your patience once they’ll wake you up at 4 am
They’re like babies who need something to eat
Never complain when they play with you and put a mark on your skin
Never dare to hit them nor do to beat

Cats will leave many hairs on your bed
They would feel to stay with you when your about to sleep
Never kick them out give them their pillow instead
For they knew that you’ll be with them
Your presence they will really keep

Just cover your ears when they make some noise
It’s just cats nature to call the attention of other cats
Never lose the patience if they used your things as toys
Cats love playing, it is their cute attitude who are fond to cut

Clean their litter box regularly
For they would love it to be cleaned
Feed their tummy with their favorites
For they would love to eat most often

Cats are same like children
They need enough attention and love
They need enough patience
They need to be treated nice above

They’ll show you the way you love them
They ‘ll embrace your arms with their paws
They’ll stay beside you when you’re sick or crying
They’ll never leave you at all





“Please dont cry” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you
With those words I’ve tried to hide
I didn’t mean to ignore you
It melted my heart when you cried

Please understand if I kept being in silence
With this pain, I don’t know how will I spend
Don’t know for how long will I stay
With you I really don’t want to be in far away

Now you’ve found out that I’ll be leaving soon
Please don’t cry,be strong for me
I have many plans for which will be left undone
Sorry If my time won’t be enough for you & me

I love you!I will always be loving you
I’ll watch over you once I’m there in heaven
I’ll be your angel, I’ll always be with you
In God’s time we will be seeing each other again

Please don’t cry if I won’t be with you for long
This grief deep inside of me keeps on going strong
Straight I fell from sorrow of leaving you
Please don’t cry, I’ll always be here watching over you