“God is always there” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Shuddering yesterday was gone
Stunning thoughts returned to me
I was that alone and longing for someone
Until Someone saved that day for me

That made me quit to survive from cold shadow
Lost my hope to overcome my wasted light
My heart was feeble to face the world tomorrow
Even facing the dim dreadful night

I shivered from the voice I heard
It was the sweetest melody somewhere
A spirit passed infront of me unveiled
Sending the message of God is always there

My tears fell as I kneeled down
I asked for forgiveness for I’ve been frightened
My soul was illuminated when I heard that sound
Message of God which brought light to me again

Now I’m climbing up every hill with faith
Untrudged with dark, rough ways
For I know that God is always there to keep me safe
With Him I won’t be poignant nor disarrayed

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