“My handsome cats”by Eureka C. Bianzon

Their sweetness,their charm emulate my mood
Their cuteness,their mystic acts ease my solitude
They are my giants with hairs of black and white
My handsome cats that everyone won’t resist to like

They play like children running here and there
They really need the presence of someone who truly cares
They ‘ll climb up on higher place,they’ll scratch all your  furniture
It is normal,don’t be mad it is just cats nature

Don’t lose your patience once they’ll wake you up at 4 am
They’re like babies who need something to eat
Never complain when they play with you and put a mark on your skin
Never dare to hit them nor do to beat

Cats will leave many hairs on your bed
They would feel to stay with you when your about to sleep
Never kick them out give them their pillow instead
For they knew that you’ll be with them
Your presence they will really keep

Just cover your ears when they make some noise
It’s just cats nature to call the attention of other cats
Never lose the patience if they used your things as toys
Cats love playing, it is their cute attitude who are fond to cut

Clean their litter box regularly
For they would love it to be cleaned
Feed their tummy with their favorites
For they would love to eat most often

Cats are same like children
They need enough attention and love
They need enough patience
They need to be treated nice above

They’ll show you the way you love them
They ‘ll embrace your arms with their paws
They’ll stay beside you when you’re sick or crying
They’ll never leave you at all





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