“May the Lord God enlighten me” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Brooding thoughts I heap

Teary eyes I wiped again

This solitude heart been hurt so deep

Unfathomable feelings reached in disdain

Weary with the huge mound I struggled

My wearied soul is soon to last

Every day seemed a dawn I handled

I’m not a wind that will just pass

Longing for the golden sunshine and morning sky

Aspiring for a blissful day to make things right

Hoping this dreadful night will gone for I’m tired to cry

Things happened didn’t know how and why

I’ve prayed hard waiting for this time will turn and go

To illuminate my troubled mind and unrestful soul

May the Lord God enlighten me with a light of tomorrow

And bless me on my waking sight a chapter of hope

IMG_9707 xx rsz

“I’m a fan of yours” by Eureka C. Bianzon

How simple my life now that you are here

How I cherish each tune you dare to give

I have fallen in love with the way you sing

Seemed like I’m in a lullaby

Of a wonderful dream

Please don’t stop singing for it holds my heart

I’m a fan of yours who will watch

Over you even from afar

Each time you sing my heart skips a beat

It brings happiness to my heart

And part of me that weep

You’re a sweet voice sent from above

You’re lore of melodies in my ear

You possessed a heart of sweet love

Knowing you can’t wait for me to hear

Please don’t stop singing my angel from afar

Your voice raises me up to an eternity

Shining forever like a distant star

Whose music brings life in darn reality