“Hope sages, may give hope to a shadowed land” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Many made promises for the country to accent

Told wonderful things to do their very best

Sometimes we didn’t know how to accept

Those words from sweet tongue

if they’re different from rest

Many didn’t know much about politics and so I am

The thought people who serves possessed a heart of kindness

That thing wandered in my mind when I was young

Now I’ve found out not all served that pure throughout the years

Crowd trusted leaders for they came from respectful race

Now I’ve learned not all could be honest from a smiling face

Voting some leaders somehow can lead to regret

From those ugly tricks happened we never forget

Hope sages, may give hope to a shadowed land

Stand with them with dignity and with clean hands

Lift people to accent peculiarly the poor

Who trusted and chose them to endure