“I create my own path” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ll be leaving this world

with an art of remembrance

Smooth and plain road I chose

Escaping from the tangled mazes

and passed with great chance

Fervid ,depths I stumbled

In a journey where I preferred to go

Facing the challenging world where I move

Most with unending unapparent woe

I continued to struggle the dim night

I create my own path with faith

Making the choice to choose the right

I never scared hence I walked gladly straight

I create my own path that’s the freedom I hold

Naught to regret my life for I know I did the most

Sumptuous vision from my heart I followed

Brought contentment inside of me

For  my path I created my own

Photograph by photographer Franco Andrade Naron
published by Kabayan weekly newspaper issue Feb.21-27,2013
Photo courtesy of photographer Franco Andrade Naron