“Hold my heart and soul” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Your smile digs deep a hole in my world

Unspoken feelings from those eyes you told

Your charm took my breath away

Your fragrance alluringly await

Shower me with your love and sweet caress

Drift me your body to the endless

Feel the music coming from our souls

Let me have you forever to my brilliant walls

Wrap me with your sweet embrace

Let our body condense with this dim light

Lay me down slowly while you’re staring on my face

Hold my heart and soul throughout the night

“Sorry, because I love you!” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Sorry If I wasn’t there to wipe your tears away

I regret that I let him to love you

I’m sorry if I left you and I decided not to stay

The reason behind, because I love you

Sorry for I wasn’t there when he hurt you

It melted my heart knowing you’ve cried

Sorry If I believed that he love you

 When you told me he’s always there at your side

Sorry if I accepted you chose him better than me

For that was the only way to set you free

I’m so sorry if I didn’t fight for my love for you

    The only reason, “because I love you

Sorry If I won’t be with you now that you’re in pain

It hurts me so deep to feel this way

Sorry for there will be no chance to be with you again

For I chose to be with someone

 The time when you walked away