“Sorry, because I love you!” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Sorry If I wasn’t there to wipe your tears away

I regret that I let him to love you

I’m sorry if I left you and I decided not to stay

The reason behind, because I love you

Sorry for I wasn’t there when he hurt you

It melted my heart knowing you’ve cried

Sorry If I believed that he love you

 When you told me he’s always there at your side

Sorry if I accepted you chose him better than me

For that was the only way to set you free

I’m so sorry if I didn’t fight for my love for you

    The only reason, “because I love you

Sorry If I won’t be with you now that you’re in pain

It hurts me so deep to feel this way

Sorry for there will be no chance to be with you again

For I chose to be with someone

 The time when you walked away

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