“Lonely Highway” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Driving far away from home

Steadfastly across the lonely highway

Carrying the gnawing pain all alone

My independence leads my way

Our music plays while crossing the road

My hands are so numb and cold

Tears falling from the words you’ve told

The saddest moment with you I’ve known

Driving this lonely highway means of leaving you

Never knew when will I pass this road again

Each place has a memory of you

Driving this lonely highway brought much of pain

Photograph courtesy of Emil Latumbo
My poem published by Kabayan weekly UAE issue April 04-10,2013

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“The Simple You” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Just can’t wait to get along with you

To hold your hand to embrace you

Every minute I’m away from you

Seems like a misery for I’m missin’ you

You knew how much I love you

Your smile, your sweet gentle kiss

Your lovely face, the simple you

You’re all that I love above all these

Simple person that I admire

With kind and sheer heart I desire

Your love of music and the real you

Pertains the love of life, the soul of truth

You’re truly different from them

I haven’t met someone like you

You’re the most unusual person I’ve seen

The reason why I’m always thinkin’ about you

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