“I’d Never Thought” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’d never thought that I could love someone like you

I’d never thought that I couldn’t live without you

You became my inspiration,

You deserved my admiration

I’d never thought that I could stay

 With this feeling I have for you

I’d never thought that I could love this way

And all that I think about is you

You’re my everything

You’re the song that my heart sings

I’d never thought that I could found

The dreams that I was seeking

I’d never thought that you would hear the sound

My heart’s beating

I’d never thought that our love will grow

As how it started I never knew

I never thought that your kindness

Would touch my heart

You’re sweet caress, Dig a deepest part

I’d never thought that our soul will always blend

                                 And our love would be forever until the end

“Her love of music” by Eureka C. Bianzon

It was my childhood years

When she taught me to play the music

She was a tough woman whom I’ve met

Not knowing she was really sick

She shared many stories about her life

Her huge mounds of years with music

She left behind


She treated me as her daughter

And I treated her like my mom as well

We spent years playing her music together

Moments when our closeness dwelled


Many years have passed I reached in college

Her sickness became worse without my knowledge

The were times I couldn’t have the chance

To play with her a music or give her a glance


Music helped her to ease her burdens inside

That’s what she told me when she was still alive

I thank her for imparting me things

That I will treasure for the rest of my life

Her faith, her kindness, her love of music

Will always be my inspiration to pursue my desire



“My best friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You know me well when I’m sad

You used to find ways to make me feel glad

You’re the sweetest, the loveliest and the best

You’re my best friend among the rest

With you I’ve realized what friendship meant

I’ve found the value of its real content

Best you’re the sweetest day of my life

Thank you for making my days bright

We have encountered things

This made our life change

We’re now on various distances

Yet the value of our friendship remains

Best you’ll be my best friend forever

And will always be

You’re name was engraved deep in my heart

And it will always be

Thank you for the real friendship

You’ve brought in me

I’ll treasure you my loving best friend

As whom you are to me

photograph by photographer Aldrin Francisco



“Poem of Love” by Eureka C. Bianzon

This poem of love is yours

Lines and verses forever to recall

Simple words of love from my soul

Our shared memories after all

Before you sleep tonight

Let my poem of love hug you tight

Read it, place it in your heart

Feel the words I have from the start

This poem of love is yours alone

My love, my desire my passion

It is where the magic between us stored

Cherish the love I expressed with words