“Feel the promise of love we’ve made tonight” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I walked straight in my room

I opened the window and saw the moon

The wind blew upon my ears

Whispering tonight I’ll be with you dear

I placed my hand above my chest

Feeling the heartbeat within my breast

I felt your warmth embrace despite the cold night

The wind blew upon my cheek as your lips merged mine

Oh sweet calm night, a moment of perfect romance

Wears by the cold wind calmly by a great chance

Our love and faith my darling profoundly grow

You’re my perfect romance I want you to know

Rest awhile my darlin’ lay here beside me

Embrace my body wander this night with me

Hold me so close, don’t let me loose, and hold me tight

Close your eyes, feel the promise of love we’ve made tonight