“My book of life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Trembling things surround my head

My soul midst of all grief and doubts

Laying my exhausted body here almost dead

My eyes filled with rain from dark weary clouds

My life crowded with clashing masses of rocks this time

Hills with convulsed tremendous form on my way

My life’s serenity suddenly disturbed with unknown pantomime

Vague situation weakened my life in vast despair

My world stands with thunder, bursts skies

Don’t know whether I’ll give up or I’ll survive

My thoughts oppressed with my frailty heart

From being the slave of life’s triumph part

I hardly pray my future will be better than the past

May the Lord God help me with His shaping hands

To mold my life with great hope & lift me from deep aghast

For I believe my book of life He’s the only one who could understand

Published by Kabayan weekly UAE
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photo courtesy of photographer Leonardo Jr. Menor