“Special word” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A special word for you and me,

Love that will never end forever

It’s a gentle word like spark of light,

As its sound go deeper

Our heart always as one

When the glimpse of your eyes stare with mine

Love is what I feel for you

The magic word, that is so true…

A special word that I cherish within my soul

So strong, and so pure

That gives me strength above all

The test I will endure

A special word that I offered you

A love that I cant live without

You’ve made my dreams come true

I love you, never need to doubt..

A special word,

You’ve allowed me to experience

Something very hard to find

Unconditional love that exists

In my body,  soul, and mind.

A special word from an amazing person

Who showed me his love and devotion

Someone who illuminates my life

And taught me the meaning


DSC_0049 (2) copy
Photograph by photographer Zarc Bautista




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