“Smile” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Smile! free yourself from sorrow

Heal your heart and let it flow

Everything is fine

Give yourself a chance to a pleasant time

Smile! Don’t frown

Life is too short, better to get along

It’s normal if things went wrong

It’s means that you’re that strong

Smile! It’s not yet the end

Go out, hang out with a friend

We have God to guide us on our road

He’s always there to carry our loads

Smile! World is a best place to live in

Life is all about appreciating every little thing

Smile brighten up your place

You’re smile can  create a better day


“Unprecedented flood” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Devious road I wandered searching for the right way to take

Ominous situation I felt from the tempest clouds and heavy rain

It seemed an endless path to cross I’ve been frightened

Wondering how would I depart from that uttermost disdain

Sonance thrown by the thunder disturbed the quietude place

Enormous population were terribly washed away

Continuous unprecedented flood remained that day

Streaked houses couldn’t be the safest place to stay

Young, old, deaf and mute, all were in the darkest day

Everyone were suffering with afflicting grief to bear

It was a world’s triumph stole everyone’s smile,

 Leave a great despair

Unprecedented flood by a sudden calamity

Brought hopeless fray