Bawat mangingisday hindi alintala ang panganib na nag aabang

Masilayan lamang ang karagatan at sa pamumuhay nitong inilalaan

Marangal na hanapbuhay kanilang ipinamamalas

Tyaga , pasensya, kahit abutin pa ng bukas

Kulambo sa dagat , kanyang hila hila
Lilisanin ang tahanan ng kay aga aga
Sa sikat ng araw kanyang huli ay makikita
Nagtatampisaw, mga puspos na biyaya

Mangingisda saan mang dako ng mundo

Ay may kani kaniyang karanasan at kakaibang kwento

Sa kanilang mga mata ang kalikasan ay nakakahalina

Sapagkat sa kanilang buhay ito’y nagbibigay ginhawa

Bawat isdang nahuhuli karugtong ay buhay

Sa bawat uwing may dala dulot ay sayang walang humpay

Salamat sa Panginoon sa kalikasan na dala ay biyaya

Mangingisda’y tunay na dito’y pinagpapala

Photo courtesy of photographer Jan Michael Vincent Castillo http://www.picturesocial.com/profile/JanMichaelVincentVCastillo

“God loves me” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 I’ve been hurt, I’ve been frustrated, I’ve lost

Seemed there’s no one who could dare to listen

I kicked, I punched hardly the wall

For I couldn’t accept I was beaten


I’ve cried hard at the corner of my room

Locked the door so no one could hear me

I’ve lost my faith for I’ve wished to die so soon

Yet it was a dire mistake, May the Lord God forgive me


Yes, I didn’t make sense for all the things I did

I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be frightened

I used to ask myself, why me? Why me?

Yet I should accept that God is with me ’til the end


I knew in my heart God loves me

Despite once I’ve lost love for myself

God is always there to listen and bring the reality

Good life I’ve missed and once I wasted


Thank you God for making me whole

For making thing easy when I’m out of control

I knew I’m not empty for You’re always here with me

I love you, I’ll always keep You ti’l eternity

“Usted es el único” por Eureka C. Bianzon


si pudiera estar aquí y hacer retroceder el tiempo

yo elegiría para estar con ustedes aquí a mi lado

no hay nadie que quiero para mí el vivir de esta manera

usted es el único que me quería quedar


Estoy deseando para usted estar conmigo aquí

con usted puedo enfrentar el mundo sin temor

Yo hablo con mi voz y ser escuchado con mucho gusto

todo lo que quería que es para estar cerca y cerca

parece nada funciona en mi vida sin ti


usted es el único i quería quedarme , y sólo usted

ahora Estoy deseando para que usted esté cerca

usted es el único que tengo que cuando estoy abajo



“You’re the only one” 

If I could stand still and turn back the time

I’d choose to be with you here by my side

There’s no one I want for me to live this way

You’re the only one who I wanted to stay


I’m wishing for you to be with me here

With you I can face the world without fear

I can speak with my voice and be gladly heard

All I wanted is you to be close and near


It seems nothing works in my life without you

You’re the only one I wanted to stay, and only you

Now I’m wishing for you to be around

You’re the only one that I need when I’m down

“Cuandra ėramos amigos ” por Eureka C.Bianzon


El tiempo es acabado por nuestro amor

Misma como una habitación con luz

Sombra en la oscuridad


Aún te he perdonado

Por sula cosa lo que quiero hacer

Para mantener nuestra amistad

Para dar tiempo a pendonar


Quier otraer los Buenos tiempos de nuevo

Delo que somos el uno al otro antes

Momentos que echo de memos

Cuandra ėramos amigos a quiėn le importa para





“When we were friends” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Time is finish for our love

Same like room with light shadowed in the dark

Yet I’ve forgiven you for it’s the thing I want to do

To keep the friendship, to give time to forgive


I want to bring the good times again

Of whom we are to each other before

Moments that I miss

When we were friends who care for all

” I love my simple life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I feel grateful and happy each day

When the loving sunlight comes on my way

I considered each day as a challenge to begin

To fulfill the blessings that I have, most with beautiful things

I love my simple life, and its wonderful journey

Surprising yet it tells how strong I should be

Learning to bring life’s deepest meaning

Fulfilling my tasks, which I truly love the ending

I love my simple life and its simple things as well

Freedom granted by God, in every place I dwell

Yes it’s the simple things that means the world to me

For every moment is bliss and my heart’s relish memory


“Hinahanap bawat sandali ” Eureka C. Bianzon

Bigla nalang akong nakaramdam ng lungkot

Matantong ika’y hindi ko na makakausap pa

Sa bawat minuto ako’y nakatitig sa bawat sulok

Ng silid na ito,naaalala mga sandali na ika’y kasama

Kaybilis ng bawat bagay sa isang iglap ika’y nawala nalang

Kahapon ika’y aking kausap ngayon ako’y nag iisa na lamang

Ramdam ko bawat guhit ng sakit sa aking puso

Kayhirap mapanggap upang sakit na nadarama’y  maitago

Hinahanap bawat sandali na ika’y kausap

Mga oras  na ikaw ang aking kaharap

Ngunit imposible na ito’y mangyari nalang

Sapagkat ika’y nawala ng hindi ko alam ang dahilan

“Don’t be scared of failure” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Life’s road sometimes worrying

Passing each way is quite challenging

There are times you’ll be in places you never expected

Tangled, rough roads some without end


Life will never give you all the best things at once

Passing each tangled mazes is learning perchance

Things will work out if you’re eager to learn

You will surely gain much more despite those pains

You’ve earned


Be patient, and just be strong

You’ll have the victory after all

Just do all the best things as much as you can

Don’t be scared of failure, hence

Share the purpose you have on hand


“Ngayong ako’y may minahal na” Eureka C. Bianzon

Kung ika’y nasaktan ngayong ako’y may minahal  na patawad

Hindi ko akalain na nadarama mo’y iba at pag ibig ko’y hangad

Tama na ang minsan na  ako sayo’y  umasa at nauwi sa wala

Ngayon ako’y may minahal na,nawa’y pagtingin mo saki’y mag iba

Mga pangako’y hindi sapat,pag uusap ng madalang ay hindi dahilan

Upang damdamin ko’y mahulog sa’yo ng ganun nalang

Madami ka saking gustong patunayan

Ano man mga ito ikaw lang ang syang nakakaalam

Ako’y nawala sa’yo dahil pakiramdam ko bawat yugto ay pawang laro

Hinintay nadarama mo’y aminin mo ngunit

Bawat araw ako’y bigo

Ngayon ako’y may minahal na aaminin ko

Masaya ako

Sapagkat bawat araw na kami’y magkasama pakiramdam ko ako’y ako…

Isang mensahe nais ko sa iyo’y ilaan

Maraming salamat sa una at huling araw na ika’y nagdaan

Ika’y hindi mawawala sa’king isipan

Ala alang tayo’y naging mabuting magkaibigan…

“Bye My Sweet Friend” by Eureka C.Bianzon

This moment my real sense I’ve found
There’s merely a greatest horizon bound
Between us everything is not possible
For we’re living in doubts and stranger
to each other after  all

I have gone for this is my fate
Not to stay with you just for a fun sake
I don’t want to lose you for you’re so kind
Yet I prefer to go and hide this pain with a smile

Bye my sweet friend, those memories of yours will remain
You might never be seeing me again,i just wanna say thank you
You might turn my smiles in pain,But surely I’m gonna treasure you…

“Keep in touch” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Keep in touch in any way

Reach out for a friend who’s far away

Let him feel that you’re just near

Despite the distance you remain closer

Keep in touch whenever you maybe

Reach out for a friend in many ways

Let him feel you’re still the same

Above your achievements you never changed

Keep in touch give importance to your friends

Who have been part of your life

Cherish those moments you’ve shared

Those times when you cried

When they were there to care.

Keep in touch ,value your friendship

For a friend is life’s  wonderful gift

Keep your friends while you still have them

Because life is too short and uncertain.

“We are mighty survivors for God is always there” by Eureka C.Bianzon  

We people on this earth are  survivor in our own  will
We struggle in life uncertainty  we  used to deal
We are brave enough for we proved much
From those  triumphs we encountered
Most were seemed so tough

  We are the bravest wonders of this earth
For  God  is with us in every earthly dearth
We men and women were mighty survivors
Who proud to be back inspite of the indomitable chaos
We are truly challenged in our existence
To walk even if the road shadowed with darkness
Mysterious moves created by God we trust
The only answer for our deepest aghast  

We are mighty survivors for God is always there
Who knows everything even things we didn’t care
Accepting Him in our lives will lead us in our right way
He is there with us, our Savior existing  everywhere