“My New Journey” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Embarking on my new journey is on my sight
A new chapter  to live with, another year to survive
Leaving my past year leads a  light
In pursuing my dreams by holding tight
Things I’ll surely remember
Many things that I’ve learned from the past
Leading me as a believer
For an aspiration that won’t  last
Living my dream for an emulation
By learning many things from my  intuition
As life is like choosing a brush
to paint  an image we don’t need to rush
Looking forward to what is ahead
Enjoying life of the happiness it spread
As each moment I’ll be delighted
As life is something  I’ve been blessed.


Thank you so much God for giving me another year of life to celebrate…I love you so much,thank you for loving me,protecting me,my family,my friends,thank you so much for the countless blessings I have received throughout the year,thank you so much for giving me my parents who never fails to show their care…You gave me such incredible and magnificent life…thank you so much..I owe everything to you…