“We are mighty survivors for God is always there” by Eureka C.Bianzon  

We people on this earth are  survivor in our own  will
We struggle in life uncertainty  we  used to deal
We are brave enough for we proved much
From those  triumphs we encountered
Most were seemed so tough

  We are the bravest wonders of this earth
For  God  is with us in every earthly dearth
We men and women were mighty survivors
Who proud to be back inspite of the indomitable chaos
We are truly challenged in our existence
To walk even if the road shadowed with darkness
Mysterious moves created by God we trust
The only answer for our deepest aghast  

We are mighty survivors for God is always there
Who knows everything even things we didn’t care
Accepting Him in our lives will lead us in our right way
He is there with us, our Savior existing  everywhere