“Bye My Sweet Friend” by Eureka C.Bianzon

This moment my real sense I’ve found
There’s merely a greatest horizon bound
Between us everything is not possible
For we’re living in doubts and stranger
to each other after  all

I have gone for this is my fate
Not to stay with you just for a fun sake
I don’t want to lose you for you’re so kind
Yet I prefer to go and hide this pain with a smile

Bye my sweet friend, those memories of yours will remain
You might never be seeing me again,i just wanna say thank you
You might turn my smiles in pain,But surely I’m gonna treasure you…

“Keep in touch” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Keep in touch in any way

Reach out for a friend who’s far away

Let him feel that you’re just near

Despite the distance you remain closer

Keep in touch whenever you maybe

Reach out for a friend in many ways

Let him feel you’re still the same

Above your achievements you never changed

Keep in touch give importance to your friends

Who have been part of your life

Cherish those moments you’ve shared

Those times when you cried

When they were there to care.

Keep in touch ,value your friendship

For a friend is life’s  wonderful gift

Keep your friends while you still have them

Because life is too short and uncertain.