“God loves me” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 I’ve been hurt, I’ve been frustrated, I’ve lost

Seemed there’s no one who could dare to listen

I kicked, I punched hardly the wall

For I couldn’t accept I was beaten


I’ve cried hard at the corner of my room

Locked the door so no one could hear me

I’ve lost my faith for I’ve wished to die so soon

Yet it was a dire mistake, May the Lord God forgive me


Yes, I didn’t make sense for all the things I did

I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be frightened

I used to ask myself, why me? Why me?

Yet I should accept that God is with me ’til the end


I knew in my heart God loves me

Despite once I’ve lost love for myself

God is always there to listen and bring the reality

Good life I’ve missed and once I wasted


Thank you God for making me whole

For making thing easy when I’m out of control

I knew I’m not empty for You’re always here with me

I love you, I’ll always keep You ti’l eternity

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