“You can change a dreadful world” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Beauteous sunlight for a lovely morning
Let your heart be free from unpleasant stain
Chant an everlasting moment never let it break
Be glad for the glorious day that the Lord has made
Share your inspirations from your magical words
Brighten up someone’s heart as the Lord brighten your world
Remember to save someone’s heart today
You can change a dreadful world and make a happy day

“We have God”by Eureka C.Bianzon

She’d been orphaned as a young child
She stayed somewhere down the street even on cold nights
She could’nt erase that chapter of her life
As how she wished in every night there would be a light

It was then she realized she knew more of herself
Remembering that darkness her purpose set
She begun to recognized things she could do
From those she made her dream come true

Being patient from those nightmares she contemplate
She accepted God would be her guide to change her life
She struggled each and every day
Suddenly woke up from a dream with a shining light

There’s always a door,there’s always a way
Just keep believing,let the faith in your heart stay
There are times when recurring nightmare come
Yet “We have God” to wake us up
And let us stand

“Nawa’y ganun pa rin ang ating mga puso” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Kanina lang ng ika’y kasama

Ngayon ay hindi na
Tila kaygandang sikat ng araw kapag
Nariyan ka
At paglubog naman sa tuwing tayo’y
Maghihiwalay na

Kaysaya ng bawat umaga tuwing tayo’y nagkikita
Ngunit kaysakit naman sa tuwing magpapaalam na
Kahit tanawin man lang ang iyong kinatatayuan
ay hindi ko kaya
Ni hindi makayanang tanawin ang iyong naluluhang mga

Salamat sa palagi mo saking pagpapa alala
Sa bawat araw ipinararamdam mo na ako’y mahalaga
Byaheng papalayo na naman wala na sa piling mo
Nawa’y ganun pa rin ang ating mga puso
sa muli nating pagtatagpo

“Kabayan weekly is more than a gift ” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Nothing is more than special than celebrating a momentous night

Two years of cherished happiness and pride

For every memory you’ve shared, for every dream you made come true

Kabayan weekly is more than a gift and I really thank each one of you


Appreciation for the nurses and achievers you gave

Through you they’ve been recognized

and inspirations from them we’ve  learned

May you have many more years to spend

Kabayan weekly you are the love, hug

and Filipinos precious gem


Kabayan weekly you filled our hearts

With such unforgettable one

Memorable ,mesmerizing years you have done!

May you always be our greatest gift today and all year through

It’s more than a victory celebrating each day with you


“Poem dedicated to my KABAYAN weekly newspaper family”