“Respect” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Be careful with your speech

Be sensitive about the feelings of each

Humans may have ambiguous status in life

Each one deserved respect despite of a

Desperate life


Young or old, rich or poor

Let them gain respect from you

So you’ll gain respect from others too

Talk nicely in all, be good

Respect is a vital thing to be understood

“Save someone’s heart today” by Eureka C. Bianzon



Share certain strength to overcome someone’s pain

Save someone’s heart with your pure intent

In all walks of life what matters the most are the

Things we could impart from the lessons we’ve learned

Save someone’s heart even not a dearest friend


Save someone’s heart today

Bring back a lovely smile from a dreadful tear

Let a heart breath from a terrible yesterday

Life is a chance to share courage to overcome

Someone’s fear


Save someone’s heart, face the purpose

You have to the world

Saving someone’s life is more than an achievement

It’s the deepest meaning of happiness we should

Have known