“A promise of good life will be given” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You may fall down like teardrops from weary eyes

Yet a promise made by God, He would always be there

To let you rise

He will help you leave the nights full of uncertain tides

Brighter tomorrow He will give you, and it’ll be a great surprise


You may have the doubts of which road to choose

Believe, have faith as long as you could

Claim that God is with you each and every day

Ask for His guidance and definitely He will guide

You on the right way


You may be upset for things seem unfair

Be thankful, you have enough for another day

God gives the best things to those who wait

Life sometimes uneasy, yet each day

Won’t be the same


You may think to give up, for you didn’t achieve

The dream you wanted

Hold on for a hope, like a bird who never

Get tired to fly

Wander continuously until the sun shines

A promise of good life will be given

From a prayer hence never get tired to try


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