“You’re good enough” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You want to prove with so many things

Yet your you’re scared that you aren’t good enough

You’re just letting the people to be little your abilities

Crying out at your closed door, for you aren’t that tough

But do you know that you’re good enough

For you have the kindness that other’s couldn’t have

Hence you don’t have to worry if your world

Seems so tough

Your heart is blessed with purity and your kindness

With God is more than enough


This earth is meant for ineffable creature like you

Their nuisance thoughts are meant for them

And not for you

Just continue your desires & good things that you have

Spread your kindness like springs

 That waters the flowers that fast

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“Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Population caged by hearts basked with darkness

Innocent youths were afflicted with harm-ness

Few couldn’t streak their voices for they were

Scared to try

Freedom of speech had been prohibited or else

They would die

How would the war stop?

How would innocents gain the freedom?

If their hearts had been stuck

And voices were dig on the ground

How would people gain peace in a nation?

If their hearts are dying and freedom couldn’t be

Attained in their home

Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope

Their aspirations have been pinned to vast unrestful soul

” To be with you ’til eternity” by Eureka C. Bianzon

We went through much ambiguity

Yet our love went to its deepening romance

Journey of our love passed unconsciously

And it digs deeper like an every ocean

We’ve been parted our ways

Times that our hearts suffered from dreadful pain

Yet each other couldn’t take to be in separate ways

Hence real love prevail when we’ve met again

Genuine love we have for each other

We’ve been through much heartache

Yet our hearts couldn’t forget

The love which they’ve promised


Unexpected things might come our way

I hope that we would be braver to conquer those days

It will be my deepest grief for you not to stay

For I’m so in love with you,

 & and I love you in so many ways

I don’t want to think about that someday we would

Be just a memory to each other

If only I could hold the destiny

I would choose

To be with you forever

To talk to you, to embrace you

To be with you ’til eternity


“Sana sa habang buhay ay ikaw ay palaging mahagkan” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Madami na tayong pinagdaanan,

 Sa mga  pagsubok  na nagdaan

Lumalalim ating pagmamahalan

Habang tumatagal ng ‘di namamalayan

Nagawa na nating maghiwalay

Tiniis ang bawat puso sa pagkalumbay

Ngunit sa bawat isa’y hindi kayang mawalay

Nanaig padin ang pagamamahalang tunay

Wagas na pagmamahalan ating nararamdaman

Dumating mga unos na nagdulot ng sakit ng puso’t isipan

Ngunit hindi padin makayang pagmamahalan ay kalimutan

Bagkus lumalim ang pagtingin sa bawat isa  ng lubusan

Darating man ang mga hindi namamalayang sandali

Nawa’y tayo ay maging matatag at sa bawat isa’y manatili

Labis kong ikalulungkot ang sa iyo’y mawalay

Sapagkat ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng wagas at tunay

Ayaw ko isipin na darating ang araw na tayo ay ala ala nalang

Sa bawat isa at mananatili nalang sa puso’t isipan

Hanggat maaari nais kong sa habang buhay ikaw ay masilayan

Makausap mayakap

at sana sa habang buhay  ay ikaw ay  palaging mahagkan

“Magbabalik pa kaya ang bawat minsan” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Ngayong gabi nakahimlay ng payapa sa aking higaan
Sumasagi ating masasayang
sandali sa’king isipan
Lalo na nung ikaw ay aking
unang nasilayan
Mga mata mo ay hindi ko maiwasang titigan

Ako’y nanghihinayang sa bawat
Kasiyahan at sigla ay idinulot mo
Aking lumuluhang mga mata
Napapalitan ng ngiti
Ika’y anghel  sa bawat araw kong

Bilis ng kaba sa’king dibdib
aking naramdaman
Nung unang beses mo akong
Sulyapan at titigan
Kaysarap alalahanin ng  bawat minsan
Ngunit kaylungkot ito’y pawang
Ala ala na lamang…

Magbabalik pa kaya ang dati
nating turingan
Walang hiyaan walang pag aalangan
Magbabalik pa kaya ang bawat minsan
At ika’y mananatili na sa’king mundo at hindi na lilisan

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“A craftsman” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Materials are gathered

 Thought of something to do

Trash from the floor collected

 Heading to craft for something new


Beholds a creative heart and mind

A craftsman is one of a kind

Calloused hands you may see

Those got the skills of accuracy


Stunning arts we could never have imagined

From a craftsman who possessed deepest passion

Of art in everything

Hardworking creature who painted the world with beauty

          A craftsman is a person we shall admire from his utmost creativity



“Behind the eyes of an innocent” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Arms laid on a surface,

Face worn with inconsolable feeling

Mysterious shades of innocence

From unfathomable being

Might show unknown gestures

Temper tantrums in front of the crowd

Behind her eyes is a creature

With no shades of anger & doubt

Shadow of grief,

Dried tears on cheeks

Yet behind the eyes of her

Is a world with freedom & peace

Behind the eyes of an innocent

Is a smiling heart at every fight

Behind the eyes of an innocent

Is a heart of forgiveness at every cry


Kabayan weekly newspaper Issue August 8-14,2013

“Simple things meant a thousand words” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Simple things mean the most

A smile, warm hug, one hello

Precious things aren’t needed to be expensive

Simple gestures are much expressive

The smile from people, giggling of innocents

The laughter you could hear from them

These are pearls of wonderful moments

Which are treasurable than luxurious things

Little things mean the most

Simple things in life mean a lot

Too often we either don’t realize or know

How much we have until they’ve gone

Embrace them like heaven

Little things matters the most

Appreciate life for each little gift it has given

For simple things meant a thousand words

Photograph by RzleyTheShoots/rzleytheshoots2gmail.com http://500px.com/rzleytheshoots

‘Sa puso ko sa ati’y walang makahahadlang” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Nakakawala ng lumbay ang nakakahalina mong tinig

Isang tawag lang mula sa’yo sadyang kaysaya ng aking dibdib

Ano ba itong nadarama,ako’y sobrang saya sa tuwing kausap ka

Araw ko’y kay sigla,mundo ko’y ibang iba


Alam kong nababasa mo itong aking tula

Nais kong sabihin sa’yo na mahal na mahal kita

Sa puso ko ika’y iisa

Walang katulad walang  makakagaya


Ngiti ang iyong iniiwan sa’king mga labi

Sa tuwing matatapos na ang ating usapan

Masayang  ituloy bawat mga sandali

Sa puso ko sa’tiy walang makahahadlang

“Enjoy your life today”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Enjoy each second,minute,hour in every single day
Life is too short to feel down for long
Never let each chance of happiness just slip away
Never keep the burden with you all night long

Enjoy either big or little things
Life is a gift we have to live
Never let each day pass unworthy
Life is vague with full of uncertainties

Enjoy each moment, cherish every chance
Life is precious to be with the people you love
Never let each day pass without giving them a glance
Life is temporary,and nothing is permanent in earth above

Enjoy your life today,face the beautiful morning
Live life,love,smile,stand up from devastating things
Never let yourself to be down up to the ending
Let the dreadful night pass and start a new beginning


“Grandpa thank you for the music” by Eureka C.Bianzon

So blessed how God gave me you

Of all the grandfathers in the world

I am guided with the sincerest love

Through you in every game I won

Someone who listens, who is proud

In every story that I tell

Someone who used to impart funny

Stories, who made me, laugh as well

Sings, plays wonderful songs

Shares music when my cheeks from tears are cold

Many times I’ve cried & hesitant to try

Yet you never failed to share me your sweet lullabies

My life you filled with so much happiness & joy

Wisdoms from you I’ll treasure

I’ll keep wherever I go

Thank you for the melodies that make me whole

Music which overcomes my fright and illuminate my soul

Each moment crept, yet I’m still so small

I’m wishing God will make days slower

For I want to spend to you my time

That means the most of all

To take care of you as I grow more older

Grandpa thank you  for the music

I’ll always admire you, in my heart you’ll always stay

Little things mean the most! Thank you

For sharing me this

You made me live life with music you’ve given away

photograph by rzleytheshoots/rzleytheshoots@gmail.com