“Poverty” by Eureka C. Bianzon

There was once an old woman
Who’s staying on Nipa hut without a door
I was there in a hurry and felt to run
For she just fell suddenly on the mud floor

I took her arm and assisted her on a chair
Her hand was wrinkled and cold
You would feel her for she looked despair
Fainting woman whose very old

I’ve searched for food somewhere in her house
I couldn’t find anything, just stumbled me a dead mouse
Her house reflected the true meaning of misery
Hungry with people, Hungriness! Because of poverty

Ill abandoned woman wishing to survive
From the hungriness and pain she’s feeling from inside
Poverty! Many people as her living in days same as night
People whose hoping for a hope and life’s given light

“Paalam kaibigang estranghero” Eureka C. Bianzon

 Naiipit sa loob ng tren na aking sinasakyan

Mga tao’y nagsisiksikan,iba’y nagtutulakan

Ako’y iyong nakita ,ika’y lumapit at kinuha

Hawak na maleta,at ako’y pinrotektahan


Sayo’y tumingin hindi napigilan

Nais na ang mukha mo ay pagmasdan

Sa blanko mong mukha hindi ko mahulaan

Kung ano iyong sinasabi,sana ngumiti ka naman


Ako’y bababa na, iiwan na ang maamo mong mukha

Sana sa aking muling pagsakay ay makilala na kita

Paalam kaibigang estranghero salamat sa pagdaan

Hindi ka man nakilala,araw ko’y pinunan mo ng kagalakan

“Thank you for saving my eyes from tears” by Eureka C.Bianzon

 You’re here saving my eyes from tears

I’ve promised you that I won’t be crying anymore

You were always trying to save my heart from fears

And now you’re here helping me to rise

& open my closed door


I’m so lost and don’t know the perfect place

But here you are reaching to hold my hands

You’re always with me during my uncomfortable days

Reaching me out and trying to understand


Thank you for saving my eyes from tears

For brightened up my dark weary clouds

This sadness I’ve overcome for you’re always here

      Thank you for being my pedestal

When my world seems so drowned