“Paddle of life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

It was still dark as my brother wished to be out at 4 am

I’ve been awaken as he pulled my feet over & over again

Oh! Little brother open up your eyes and prepare the oar

Today is the great time for fishing we could have more than before


I blinked and scratched my eyes, whew! What a beautiful morning

As the sun was about to rise

Yet I couldn’t stop shivering as I went out, it was cold, I couldn’t

Wait for the rays of light

Woohoo! Youngest brother today and every day is a blessing

My brother sighed

God gave us the resources by all means we could ever to



Call these oars, paddle of life

As we go on fishing, see! You could appreciate every

Little thing in your life

The sun, the moon, the mountains, the air, the clouds

In the sky

Everything is a gift, everything on earth that we have



As we kept on rowing using the paddle of life

I claimed that my eldest brother’s beliefs were right

Fishing for me couldn’t be the easiest

Yet witnessing the gifts of God at the early

Morning seemed to be the loveliest


Let us go back here again brother I sighed

Let us witness again the miracles of God in our life

I realized it’s not how many fishes we could get

But the lessons behind these paddles of life

We will never regret



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