“Grandpa thank you for the music” by Eureka C.Bianzon

So blessed how God gave me you

Of all the grandfathers in the world

I am guided with the sincerest love

Through you in every game I won

Someone who listens, who is proud

In every story that I tell

Someone who used to impart funny

Stories, who made me, laugh as well

Sings, plays wonderful songs

Shares music when my cheeks from tears are cold

Many times I’ve cried & hesitant to try

Yet you never failed to share me your sweet lullabies

My life you filled with so much happiness & joy

Wisdoms from you I’ll treasure

I’ll keep wherever I go

Thank you for the melodies that make me whole

Music which overcomes my fright and illuminate my soul

Each moment crept, yet I’m still so small

I’m wishing God will make days slower

For I want to spend to you my time

That means the most of all

To take care of you as I grow more older

Grandpa thank you  for the music

I’ll always admire you, in my heart you’ll always stay

Little things mean the most! Thank you

For sharing me this

You made me live life with music you’ve given away

photograph by rzleytheshoots/rzleytheshoots@gmail.com

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