“Lyrics from my heart” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Written lyrics from my heart

Were memories of yours from the very start

My desire to share you my part

How I have love you! My sweet heart

Our love is deeper and wider like an ocean

The tempo that flows from our hearts

 Are glorious sounds

Heaven is what I feel when I’m with you

There’ll be no highest mountain on how I love you

The feelings you made me feel

Is a miracle from an angel

Whose voice is so sweet

 Whose face is so sincere

My lyrics turn brighter than the truth

Oh my sweet heart you’re the harmonious melody

 From my flute

Lyric from my heart is you

The happiness of my life I’ve found in you

You’re the velvet sound to my ears

Whom I wished to spend the music of my life

 For so many years

photo by rzleytheshoots/rzleytheshoots@gmail.com

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