“Thank you” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Thank you for each single day that you’ve spent whenever I’m alone

You’d   overcome my sadness, you’ve dried my tears, with you

I’ve found my home

I guess God gave me the reason to know you, to be with you

To fulfill my life with happiness, when I’m out of the blue

Thank you for listening to my unending stories

Thank you for lending me your ears

I’ve used to forget about my weariness,

With you I can face this world without

Any fear

If only God would give me the chance,

I promise not to leave you

I’ll fight for you, today, tomorrow,

 And forever, darling this is true

Thank you for the inspiration that you bestowed upon me

For each encouragement you gave to my feeblest heart

I’m praying that you will be with me ’til eternity

For your guidance is all that I’m seeking to face

My life’s path

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