“I’ve drawn myself close to God” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve swallowed much of criticisms

Few belittle my abilities

I’ve tried hard to understand them

Then those criticisms became my source

Of strength

Few couldn’t read the message of my heart

I guess they need to feel it to understand

Swallowing awful words from

People deeply hurt

Hence this thing won’t stay with me

For I knew everything has an end

These dig a hole into my life

I’ve learned not to depend myself to


Guidance will be given by the one whom

Owns my life

God who knows my dream and

Every little thing than I can

Nevertheless I’m still thanking

Those creatures who judged me all

Throughout my life

They opened up my heart to show

My abilities

I’ve drawn myself close to God,

And believe that through Him

My life has certainty