“Rain” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I woke up to the sounds of rain
I saw people running here and there
On that moment I sat up near the bus window pane
Witnessing people’s feeling weren’t the same

Few were worried, some were happy
Few were running,while some were
Men and women were running with cover
While children never stop playing together

I laid back on my seat
Listening to the lullabies it
brought to my ears
I felt something different as it
Purifies me
Every stroke of water
Filled me in

See how the amazing rain
Cleanses the earth
Like tears falling from our
eyes from earthly dearth
When there’s rain I’ve
never felt weary and blue
Each drop counts which
make me someone new

Photograph by Franco Andrade Naron

“Tunay na kaibigan” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Salamat ika’y nariyan sa tuwing ako’y lumuluha

At nagdaramdam

Sa mga araw na kailangan ko ng makakausap

At mahihingahan

Sa mga oras na kailangan ko ng kayakap

Sa tuwing ako’y pinagtatawanan


Bati’d kong sayo minsan ako’y maypagkukulang

Ikaw lang ang syang maituturing kong

Tunay na kaibigan


Patawad sa mga oras na sa tuwing

Ako’y aalis at ika’y hindi pinapansin

Sa mga oras nang aking pagdating

Ika’y hindi ko makuhang yakapin


Batid kong sayo minsan ako’y may pagkukulang

Salamat ikaw parin ay nariyan

Ngayong ang puso ko’y nagdaramdam

Ikaw lang ang syang maituturing kong

Tunay na kaibigan


“We will soar high”

We will soar into the sky
We will soar in sky’s escalating height
We will travel in this world and
let them know of who we are
We are the children of hope who
can reach that far
We will fly like those eagles
We will be in the most beautiful places
Going  uninhibited around the earth
On the mountain peaks and dancing rivers
We will be witnessing God’s bountiful love
For us His children on this earth above
We will soar high and let our journey begins
We  will soar high to fulfill our dreams

“I’m wishing to be with you again” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Touching the base of this tree trunk

From my tears its body is dank

It seems it is the only one

Amongst the trees surrounds with sands

Our names engraved on its body

It makes my eyes to be more teary

Memories of our love had just passed

Promises made just gone and last

Kneeling on these sands I’ve felt much

Of this grieving day

Gazing to the sky, I’ve seen the clouds

turned gray

Tears keep falling down my knees

I love you! It’s hard to stop these falling tears

Memories that we had makes me weep

Those sweet smiles of yours I long to keep

I’ve struggled much since the moment you left

My heart torn into pieces and now to death

I may not have you here by my side

Now that my knees are so down in pain

Someday, at God’s given time

I’m wishing to be with you

 to embrace you again….