“I’m wishing to be with you again” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Touching the base of this tree trunk

From my tears its body is dank

It seems it is the only one

Amongst the trees surrounds with sands

Our names engraved on its body

It makes my eyes to be more teary

Memories of our love had just passed

Promises made just gone and last

Kneeling on these sands I’ve felt much

Of this grieving day

Gazing to the sky, I’ve seen the clouds

turned gray

Tears keep falling down my knees

I love you! It’s hard to stop these falling tears

Memories that we had makes me weep

Those sweet smiles of yours I long to keep

I’ve struggled much since the moment you left

My heart torn into pieces and now to death

I may not have you here by my side

Now that my knees are so down in pain

Someday, at God’s given time

I’m wishing to be with you

 to embrace you again….

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