“Vague Memories” by Eureka C. Bianzon

My life seemed closing to an end

I haven’t found anyone to be called as

My dearest friend

For long I’ve been a victim of vague

Dreadful memories

Scared of losing my life & got

Doubted fears


Being a victim of vague memories

My life basked with darkness

From immoral intrigues

Those days were times when

I was hiding myself behind a fine music

Got the deepest fear of losing my life

Even my own dignity


Many judgmental creatures I’ve met

I’ve trusted few yet those gave the

Utmost regret

I regret I’ve trusted people who were

So kind

Yet secluded me from beautiful world

And covered my eyes as a blind


I’ve fought and until now I still keep on fighting

Life seems very tough and hallow as a pipe

I’ve considered each day as a new beginning

For I know God is with me ’til the end of time

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