“Perfect Romance” by Eureka C.Bianzon

My heart was radiant I was in dew
I was in perfect romance while I was with you
You embraced me with no fear nor fright
We were in our journey throughout the night

Your eyes were in soft persistence
I felt the real love with your existence
Your lips brought magical sensation
And took me in your most romantic destination

I smelled your breathing with mild scent
I felt your chest with your soft skin
That was the perfect romance I’ve never been
I never wanted that night to just end

I’ve been awaken with the sound of an alarm
Hugging my pillow tight and you were not around
Everything was just a dream, the night was gone
The magic which kissing and gazing
me were only the rays of sun

“You’re amazing!,the perfect one for me” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I care for you ,words can’t explain
How it feels good upon hearing your name
The world can tell that I am your biggest fan
I have this feeling that only you could understand

No any other guy could replace you in my heart
The happiness you gave  dig the deepest part
Your smile, your voice,everything in you makes me melt
Your inner reflection I could never compare with someone else

Oh how I Iove I could tell you how I feel
How you see things in me beyond what other guys see
With you I could express the real me
You’re amazing the perfect one for me

“You mean so much to me more than you know” by Eureka C. Bianzon

We lay down together
Feeling the warm from each others breath
Your gentle touch is like a soft feather
Which warms the heart within my breast

Im getting lost in your eyes
All I want is to hold you tight
Babe this is such a wonderful night
I feel when Im with you everything is gonna be alright

You mean so much to me more than you know
Let me kiss your lips and let it show
I have this feeling inside with you that grows
Baby you’re the only one in my heart and soul


“Never before I have felt this heaven scent” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Special time we share
Nothing else could compare
Each day with you I treasure
Being  with you is indeed my pleasure

Your smile and look deep in my eyes
My heart’s happiness & my own desire
You’re sweet as chocolates such one of a kind
And gentle as music which tickles my mind

I never want this feeling to end
Never before I have felt this heaven scent
Babe you’ve really touched my heart
With you never I felt that we’re apart


“Poems on my sleepless nights & endless day” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Poems on my sleepness nights and endless day
Thoughts lingered were like dropping rain
I couldn’t stop,I couldn’t explain
Why these words left unspoken  need a little space

Many sweet things are there in you that I admire
That’s why this pen can’t stop writing for it is its own desire
I couldn’t just stop it,and letting it to just fly
Like music from my heart & soul expresses the sound of lyre

My poems ripple and flow with the streams of love
For the hope you brought and endless joy above
I prayed in silence pursuit my esteem
I believe that everything is real and not just a dream

“Thoughts of you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

There is a special kind of magic that you share
Which holds my heart in so many ways
You were just a friend, who cared for me suddenly
My dreams on those nights you turned in reality

I can’t believe that we started feeling the magic this way
I am certain that it’s not a game  that children used to play
Time and time my heart is smiling deep inside
Thoughts of you linger in my mind
even if you’re out of my sight

“Only You” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Oh babe,it’s been a while
When I was with you
I really do miss your smile
And funny things you do

I oughta be working
But there’s only thing I wanna do
To just start my writing
For I’m thinking again about

I can’t help myself but to stare
On the photos with your sweet face
Here I am just sittin
Thinking how you made my nights
into days

There ain’t no one else
Amazing as how you do
There ain’t anyone I need
Only you babe, only YOU…….

“Oh Lord,please give me my prayered sign” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Watching the twilight of his eyes
Reflected by his shirt which is blue
My heart is painted with his smiles
Happiness from within he made through

With him my simple soul amazed
With the sweetness he showed in so many ways
His voice lingered to me and his face
I couldn’t ask for more than this day

I am glad at heart to think that I have him as my man
Sweetest perfume and joy of heart of mine
Oh Lord ‘please give me my prayered sign
Is he the man I would love till the end of time?

” He is no longer there next to me” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was sitting nearby the seashore
While my hand was holding a small stone
On the sands I was sculpting a shape of a heart
Yet the waves washed it away
And the lines were torn apart

I saw him he was there from afar
Smiling at me like a distant star
That moment my heart started beating
It seemed that I was in a romantic dream

On the sands I laid my body
And he was there staring closer unto me
Suddenly a blinked from my eyes changed everything
When I discovered that he is no longer there next to me

I felt the sadness why the waves washed away the heart I drew for him
And it made me cry,when he wasn’t there as I kept on searchin’
I didn’t want that dream just pass
For I didn’t have the chance to tell how much I love him  till the time
just gone & last

“I am loving the heart inside of you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I am loving the heart inside of you
Heart that makes me smile whenever I’m blue
I thought that I was just living in an enchanting dream
Yet knowing you more seems like an endless dream

I can’t imagine my life now without you
For no else can make me feel this way like you do
With you I’ve learned what I needed to know
To open up my heart & appreciate a loving soul