“Island” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m wishing to be in an island, with much of beautiful trees
Where I could witness with serene countenance its deep blue sea
Far from the crowd hearing the waves on sands with sweet melodies
Where I would be in silence when there’s no one dare to understand me

In there I would hold my pen and unleash its secrecy
I would grave on my paper the hideous feelings inside of me
In there I could find the home of my soul and its sanctuary
Mind which could soar with freedom with words flapping freely

Oh how I wish to be in an island with much birds in its glorious sky
A place where I can find hope while gazing the sun’s illuminating light
A place where I might find peace staring on greenly mountain sides
Where my soul’s travailing journey would be gone & will be kept alive

In there I would express my ardent prayer, thinking of my last farewell
I would glide my pen on my empty paper, writing my innermost prayer
Thanking God for the life He offered, my story He made a beautiful novel
Life I couldn’t compare among the other, discovering it’s splendor things such a wonder

I would be in a happy silence, feeling the breezing wind drifting on my hair
Closing my tearful eyes leaving all the pain which I couldn’t bear
Facing the luminous clouds asking God for His uttermost forgiveness
For the dire mistakes I’ve done in my life’s capacious places

How I wish to be in an island with solemn beauty, where the stars at night
shining sprightly
Where I could rest my body on the cold sands while gazing on the moonlight glowing brightly
Where I could listen to the sounds of waves at night whispering lightly
Saying I am the island where you could relay everything to God
without hesitancy

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