“A floating feeling beautiful and rare” by Eureka C.Bianzon

The sweetest moment I remember
I was in a yacht and he was there
I kept on running here and there
Like a small child playing anywhere

I gazed upon the skies and the ocean
Enjoyed the wind drifting on my hair
Then suddenly he held my hand
As I stared at  him,his eyes were in glare

I paused feeling the warm of his
I couldn’t move I couldn’t understand
I’ve made funny gestures pinched his hand
And he just kept on smiling at my

Then came a moment he kissed my head
I gazed on his face I was smiling again
Be still….I remember as what he said
Then he kissed my lips….moment
which pleased me then

A floating feeling beautiful and rare
I felt in my dream for he was there
A magical moment I do remember
With a man I wanna be with forever

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