” He is no longer there next to me” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was sitting nearby the seashore
While my hand was holding a small stone
On the sands I was sculpting a shape of a heart
Yet the waves washed it away
And the lines were torn apart

I saw him he was there from afar
Smiling at me like a distant star
That moment my heart started beating
It seemed that I was in a romantic dream

On the sands I laid my body
And he was there staring closer unto me
Suddenly a blinked from my eyes changed everything
When I discovered that he is no longer there next to me

I felt the sadness why the waves washed away the heart I drew for him
And it made me cry,when he wasn’t there as I kept on searchin’
I didn’t want that dream just pass
For I didn’t have the chance to tell how much I love him  till the time
just gone & last

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