“I hope this journey will not end” by Eurela C.Bianzon

Sitting here, watching the people passing by
Waiting for my man and wishing for the time to fly
I feel so nervous don’t know the reasons why
Yet I’m really excited to see him with his lovely smile

The train has stopped there were men waving their hands
I couldn’t recognize them from afar for my eyes were  little blind
My man is here,yes he is here
Grasping my hand,my eyes were in tears

The train was about to leave we need to get in
Sitting beside him was the greatest feeling
Moment I’ve been waiting,moment
that I’ve been dreaming
My man is next to me, hope this journey will not end

I laid on his shoulder feeling the warm of his arm
How handsome he is, he is been my lucky charm
I couldn’t hold my feelings back
I kissed his hand
Then his lips, hope this journey will not end

“I’ll always be here”by Eureka C.Bianzon

If ever you feel that you need me
Babe,I am just waiting here
To listen, and ease your fear
You’ll never have to worry I’m just
Here to wipe your tears

It hurts to see you in pain my dear
But for you I’ll be strong to hold
those tears
For you babe I’ll always be here
I will take away your sadness
and help you overcome your fears

“My pouring rain” by Eureka C.Bianzon

What a sensuous pleasure brought by my pouring rain
The sound of each drop eases my gnawing pain
Endears me from dreadful dream and sad disdain
Even reminds me of his sweet face that stagnates in my brain

I knew in my heart I was certain
That my care for my pouring rain will always remain
Our tied knot will never get loosen
For my pouring rain is my God’s divine grace

My pouring rain before the rainbow came
Trembles on my mind for the hope of being with him
He poured me such care in so many ways
Thank you God for my pouring rain
With him I will always remain the same

“My brother’s music is God’s gift” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Yellow hay fills the garden ground

It surrounds us like the queen’s golden crown

I sat waiting for my brother’s music to come

Music which encircles my head and calms me down

This is really a warm day caress by his music

Persuade by his passion on his little way

Spirit of which impossibly be perished

Harmonies of light and joy touches like a mother’s care

As the light fades away on the west

I still hear him playing at his best

His music is meaningful as the sunset

And how I wish this day will not end

His music is not just a music but a music that sings

Rambles down to the ocean,like birds fly on their wings

It melts my heart when each sound whispers to my ears

My brother’s music is God’s gift

I love to hear


“I wish you were here”…by Eureka Bianzon

Gliding my feet on the beach sands
While thinking about you this time
How I wish that you were here by my side
Watching the sea waves with me and the brightness of the sun

Staring on your photo with your sweet face
Thinking that you’re not in a distant place
How I wish that you were here with me
And witness the beautiful dawn ’til it’ll set free

Playing all our song I’d love to hear
Reminds me of you in so many ways
Oh how I wish that you were here my dear
You’re the only one who could complete my day


“God the Father” by Eureka C.Bianzon

God the Father who created all lights
Thank you for this day,may You be my guide
I will always honor you, Your power
gives me strength
Your love gives me patience
And Your words give me wisdom to comprehend

You’re my source of peace,my hope
My light on my footsteps to conquer the world
With you I never trembled for you make me strong
You’re here with me to make me firm and stand tall….

Thank you for the words You reveal from my heart
Thank you for the wisdom You give me to impart
God the Father I have no idea of what lies ahead of me
But I’m certain and I trusted my soul to You ’til eternity

“Aking Ama Dakila Ka” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Aking ama salamat sa iyo
Sa bawat aral ng buhay na ibinahagi mo
Bagamat sa mata ng iba ikaw ay hindi perpekto
Para sa akin dakila ka,dahil ako’y nandirito ng dahil sa’yo

Naging mistulang tagabantay man kita noon
Sa mga manliligaw ay palaging tumututol
Aking tagahatid kung saan man ako paroroon
Tila buntot na saki’y habol ng habol

Ngunit sadyang napakapalad ko lang talaga
Na sa lahat ay ikaw ang aking naging ama
Sa pag aruga sa pagkalinga mo talagang sobra sobra
Hindi ka man nakapagtapos,ama dakila ka

Aral sa iyong buhay ay sadyang napakalupit
Gaya ng sabi mo mga ito’y ayaw mo sa ami’y masapit
Iyong prinsipyo ay dakila kahit ikaw man ay nagigipit
Iyong pangaral na sa patalim kami’y huwag kakapit

Aking ama isa kang dakila
Nasaan man ako aking lakas sa’yo ko nakukuha
Tama ka sa lahat ng pangaral na iyong ipinamulat
Sa mata ng Diyos, sa mundo’y walang salat

“Aking Ina Salamat sa Iyo” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Hindi ko malilimutan mga pangaral na nagmula sa iyo

Dahil sa Iyo Ina nakamtam ko ang tagumpay na ninais ko

Simula pa noon ramdam ko na ako’y iyong mahal

Sa iyong sinapupunan palang

ako’y iningatan mo ng pagkatagal tagal

Walang katumbas na halaga ang pagarugang iyong


Kahit paulit ulit kong ika’y pasalamatan ito’y hindi sapat

sa iginawad mong pagkalinga

Dakila ka aking Ina, isa kang huwaran

Iyong labis na pagmamahal ay siyang aking nais


Nakagawa man ako ng mali,ito’y balewala sa’yo

Landas ko padin ay iyong itinuwid sa pagkalinga mo

Paano ko ba masusuklian bawat segundo sa bawat minuto,

Sa bawat minuto sa oras,sa bawat oras sa araw araw

mga araw sa bawat buwan

at mga buwan sa mga taong itinaguyod mo ako


Aking Ina labis kitang pinasasalamatan

Sa bawat luha,pawis,pagod na iyong inilaan

Ika’y naging ilaw sa aking dinaraanan

Ika’y aking naging gamot sa mga araw

Na ako’y may dinaramdam


Aking Ina Salamat sa Iyo

Ika’y aking mamahalin ng buong buhay  ko

Balang araw ay makakasama mo rin ako

Ito’y aking dasal sa ating Panginoon

tanging mithiin ng puso’t kaluluwa ko

 “Happy birthday grandma” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Grandma you’re one of a kind

I’m so thankful for those times

How you raised me through your loving eyes

Grandma you’re really loving ,kind, and wise

I remember the words “Strong and vigorous”

These words you’ve told us, which really describe you

Oh grandma, today is your birthday, I thank God for

Another year of your life

Happy birthday grandma, if you only knew I really wanted

To see your smile

Thank you for the prayers you bestowed to each one of us

Your wishes for us your grandchildren are so wonderful and divine

Oh grandma, thank you for my mom, she’s so caring as you

Thank you for the values you’ve taught her for us to do

Happy birthday grandma, this poem is for you

I hope you would feel how much I love you

I’m looking forward to embrace you again

Be strong and safe always grandma

’til we meet each other again

“Someday” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Someday your arms will reach me

Someday you will embrace me

Someday your lips will touch mine

Someday your heart will feel mine

Someday I will stop longing for you

Someday I will hold your hands

Someday I will reach out for you

Someday I will walk with you in the beach sand

Someday I will witness the sunrise with you

Someday I will watch the dawn with you

Someday I will start each day with you

Someday I will close my eyes with you

Someday we will cruise together

Someday we will be forever

Someday will never wish for someday

for someday we will be with each other

And forever we will stay