“You’re a unique individual” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Open up your heart
And open up your soul
Believe that you’re a unique individual
Who can reach your goal

Heal your heart from burdens brought by the past
And stand from those and believe God will diminish your
deep aghast
You’re a unique individual ,blessed since before you
were born
No one could tell that you’re a dull,for you have given gifts
to show them all

Your life was painted
Before it was shown to the world
It has colourful meaning which was created
And only you can share your life’s deepest sense to all

There is something in you
It doesn’t matter if you are the sun or a little star
Your uniqueness as an individual
Could make you reach that far

Stand up and prove your worth
Hold your head up high and face the world
You’re a unique individual equipped with purpose
You’re a unique individual who were being chose


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